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59,711 Pageviews2,477 Watchers

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:groups: Deviantart's largest Smash Bros Group :groups:

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The Super Smash Bros. Wiki that is endorsed by SSBBrawlers.
Founded 5 Years ago
Sep 4, 2010


Group Focus
Super Smash Bros.

2,989 Members
2,477 Watchers
59,711 Pageviews
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Nintendo is currently at E3 and I'm more than willing to share the HYPE! At 4 pm Pacific Time, a Smash tourney will be streamed live! This is a chance to get an exclusive look at the characters potential!!
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Active Brawlers

Active Brawlers
All members listed here are willing to accept challanges, whenever, whatever! Browse though the list to see if any of these people suit you. Wish to be added here? Feel free to comment! Provide your friendcode, as well as up to 4 characters you play. You may request specific character icons. The icons next to someone's name are the characters they typically play.

The five players at the top are the current top five of the group's PR

:iconomegatyrant: Tyrnt - 4597 0578 2050 :iconwolfplz: :icondededetsktskplz: :iconsnakeplz: :iconrobplz:

:iconkelpiebreeder: - 2621 3041 7171 :iconblueyoshiplz: :iconshockedlucarioplz: :iconfalcolombardiplz: :iconpokemontrainerplz:

:iconshiningraywolf: FSF - 3352-1516-3330 :iconfalconyesplz: :iconmarthplz:

:iconfangdude: Fang - 4340-8574-5145 :iconpurpletoonlinkplz: :iconmetaknightplz: :iconiceclimbersplz:

:icontimelegacy: - 3739-8267-3139 :iconsolidsnakeplz: :iconikeplz: :iconfalcolombardiplz:

:iconnasokakewe: - 4081-6440-1789 :iconlink-plz: :iconrobplz: :iconlucarioplz: :iconolimarplz:

:icontigrexdude: TIGRX - 0476-3212-8884 :icondiddyplz:

:iconfoxmccloud101: James - 5456-8644-3093 :iconlucasplz: :iconfoxmccloudplz:

:iconziggyricer9615: Ziggy - 2322-2383-4270 :iconprincesszeldaplz: :iconmarthplz:

:icondomesticheart: - 4512-1542-0244 :iconfoxmccloudplz: :iconmetaknightplz: :iconmarthplz: :iconlucarioplz:

:iconshallowbeliever320: 0562-4342-9775 :iconfoxmccloudplz: :iconprincesszeldaplz: :iconsamusplz: :iconsolidsnakeplz:

:iconkaze-yo: Assassin - :iconpeachplz: :iconzelda-plz: :iconyoshipoopeggplz:

:iconshadowyoshigamernerd: - 4683-6157-1592 :iconyoshirapefaceplz: :iconbowserkoopaplz: :iconpokemontrainerplz: :iconexcitedlucasplz:

:iconalakittynya: AKNYT - 3609-3808-5877 :iconprincesspeachplz: :iconcutekirbyplz::iconukemarthplz::iconzerosuitsamusplz:

:iconzap1123: Kyle - 3438-7346-9120 :iconikeplz: :iconmarthplz: :icontoonlink-plz: :iconlucarioplz:

:iconmysticakez: - 4770-9865-8538 :icontoonlink-plz: :iconlucarioplz: :iconikeplz: :iconzelda-plz:

:iconkevster823: KEVIN - 3051-6426-2495 :iconcoolsonicplz:

:iconhotjazz: Jazzy 4341-3222-7082 :iconlucasplz:

:iconmangafreak17: Megafreak 2192-0648-2575 :iconmarthplz: :iconsonicplz: :iconpikachuplz: :iconlucarioplz:

:iconbleachfreak86: - 1334-1087-6646 :iconwolfodonnelplz: :iconmarthplz: :iconikeplz: :iconzerosuitsamusplz:

:iconjeanabeana: - 3955-3418-0412 :iconyoshiplz: :iconlucarioplz: :iconpikachuplz: :iconwolfodonnelplz:

:iconperfectpinkwater: Pink - 5070-3041-4248 :iconlucasplz::iconyoshiplz::iconkirbyplz::iconiceclimbersplz:

:iconlbkirby: Temp - 5241 8336 6675 :iconluigi-plz: :iconcutekirbyplz:

:icontoastultimatum: - 3094 0160 2805 :iconpurpletoonlinkplz: :iconolimarplz:

:iconwhitecometx: Kdash - 1721 2037 4619 :iconmarthplz: :iconmkplz: :iconpikachu--plz: :iconforcepalmplz:

:iconsuperethanlee: - 2150-1612-7878 :iconmetaknightplz:

:icontangerinaline: - 1636- 0634-0930 :iconpikachuplz: :iconolimarplz:



*:star: Would you like to become a Smasher-in-Law (contributor) and have your submissions to the group's gallery autoapproved? Read this journal and respond in the comments or send a note to the group. :star:*

*:star: Think you have what it takes to be a co-Smash Brother (co-founder)? Read this journal and send a note following its instructions. Keep in mind, the group standards will be high for this position. :star:*

:iconkirbyplz::iconpikachu-plz::iconlink-plz::iconmario-plz: VS :iconcoolsonicplz::iconmetaknightplz::iconsnakeplz::iconpitplz:

Gallery submission rules
Submission rules for the group are lenient, accepting all forms of artwork regardless of quality as long as they're relevant to some degree to the Super Smash Bros. series. However, there are some rules you must keep in mind.

:bulletred: We are a Smash Bros. group, not a Nintendo group. What this means is, we will not accept submissions on the basis of them being Nintendo related. As such, your submitted work must have something to do with Smash Bros., or involve characters directly involved in the series.

:bulletred: Any submitted work that was stolen will not be accepted here.

:bulletred: Any submitted work that uses edited official artwork will not be accepted.

:bulletred: For Brawl snapshots to be accepted, they must be decrypted images from the snapshot file, or snapshots taken from a capture card/emulator. Photographs of the tv screen will be rejected. For more on this and to learn how to decrypt your snapshots, read this journal

:bulletred: Submit your work to the correct folders. Submissions to a folder that is deemed to not be the most appropriate, but acceptable, will still be accepted, but moved after being admitted to the group's gallery (for example, a picture of Pikachu fighting Link being submitted to the Pokemon folder, where it will be accepted, but moved to the Brawling folder). However, submissions to a blatantly inappropriate folder will result in rejection (for example, submitting the aforementioned Pikachu vs. Link picture to the Super Mario Bros. folder will result in rejection of the submission).

:bulletred: Submissions with mature content are not allowed. Please keep it appropriate for younger members of the group.

:bulletred: While the group currently does not have a submission limit installed, you are expected to submit a reasonable amount of submissions at a time. If you make an excessive amount of submissions in a short period, your submissions will be rejected. What constitutes as excessive is at the moderators' discretion. Continued attempted abuse of the lack of a submission limit will result in your ability to submit to the group's gallery being revoked. We do not want the inboxes of our group's members being flooded with watch messages from this group, and we want those who submit to have a fair chance at their work being seen.

:bulletred: Submissions from those who join the group, submit, and immediately leave will be rejected. Do not bother submitting to the group if you do not plan on being a part of it.

If any of your submissions are rejected, the moderator who rejected them will explain to you why they were. If a moderator does not explain the rejection though and you wish to inquire why, ask on the group page or through a note to the group if you wish to keep it private (remember to be respectful and polite in your inquiry).

Blog submission rules
Any member of the group is allowed to submit a blog. To be accepted and posted however, it must be about the following:

:bulletred: Any notable news about the Super Smash Bros. series, or its community (includes news about competitive play, and notable Smash Bros. sites).

:bulletred: Surveys relating to the Super Smash Bros. series.

:bulletred: A Smash Bros. related get together/event for the group on the group's chatroom, such as an online Smash Fest. (Note however, blogs that are just asking people to Brawl you will not be accepted. If you're looking for someone to Brawl, you can visit the group's chatroom, ask a member of the group on the active Brawlers list, or leave a comment about it on the group page.)

:bulletred: An informative, questioning, or opinion blog on content within the Super Smash Bros. series (however, such blogs are expected to have a minimum acceptable level of content, and may be rejected if they are extremely insubstantial).

:bulletred: A Smash Bros. related contest or tournament being hosted for the group. However, it must explicitly be a contest/tournament for the group, and not your own personal contest. As for some additional rules regarding hosting contests/tournaments for the group:

*While moderators will intend to interfere as little as possible, if at all, they will have the right to make any changes they deem necessary to the contest/tournament (moderators will discuss the changes with the contest/tournament host first though).

*Do not expect moderators, or anyone else in the group, to help support any prize for the contest/tournament. Other members in the group may help out with a prize if they choose so, but no one within the group is obligated to.

*If you name a prize at any time for the contest/tournament, you are expected to supply it in its entirety. Failure to do so will result in your privilege to host group contests/tournaments being revoked.

*Contests/tournaments are expected to be hosted in a proper and ethical manner. Severe mismanagement or manipulating the contest/tournament in any way will result in your contest/tournament being cancelled if still in progress, as well as your privilege to host being revoked.


If you have any questions about group rules and functions, feel free to ask an administrator:

4dojo (Youtube): :email:

4dojo (Deviantart): :email:

Omegatyrant (Deviantart): :email:

Fangdude (Deviantart): :email:



If you have any questions about the differences in these chatrooms, feel free to ask.

Group Chatroom:… :emailsend:

Tourney/Brawling Chatroom Room A:…

Tourney/Brawling Chatroom Room B:…


Smash Brother

Co-Smash Brothers



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Valiant-Swordswoman Featured By Owner Edited Jan 24, 2016  New Deviant Student General Artist
Thank you for accepting me may I post a W.I.P of Kirby dressed as my oc?
sakuratorte Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2015   Digital Artist
Hello! I have a question to ask here.. ><
Would it be OK if i submit an art of.. say, someone in the SSB roster, but with the other character from his/her game? (like, example, a pic Lucina and Sumia OR Peach and Daisy in one illustration)

Thanks before..
ThePuzzlePrincess Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hey, is it ok to put up sketches here? Just wondering. 
4dojo Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2015
sure. As long as its appropriate for all ages.
ThePuzzlePrincess Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Ok thanks! 
FaustDarkSoul Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2015   General Artist
See my Super smash bros gallery:…

Earn easy money clicking on pages, just join:…
Star64DX Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2015  Student Filmographer
If anyone feels like going a few matches with a Sonic/Pika/Shulk mainer, add me on Wii U
[NNID: StaticFactor]
4dojo Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2015
That could be fun. I haven't done the online thing since Brawl. Do they still use friend codes?
Star64DX Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2015  Student Filmographer
3DS uses friend codes, while Wii U uses something new called a NNID (Nintendo Network ID). I'd be up to play Smash Bros for 3DS, however. My 3DS died on me a while back.
Aedes-cosplay Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2015
Hi! :D Is cosplay accepted in this group?
4dojo Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2015
sure thing. Cosplay is awesome.
Aedes-cosplay Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2015
Thank you! :D And yes it is ^^
TheRabbitWhoHovers Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2015  Student Writer
I have a question regarding some submissions/blogs:

Are Top 10 choices for DLC Characters acceptable for submissions or blogs? I've read the rules, and although they are SSB related, I don't know whether or not such a thing is an option.
4dojo Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2015
I think that DLCs are very relevant to the interests of this community. Go ahead. Sorry for the late reply.
TheRabbitWhoHovers Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2015  Student Writer
That's fine!
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